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How long is the usage time of Dexshell products?

First it should be known who is using it, under which conditions and how often. Also each question has its sub-questions. For example, in daily usage, is it used by a patient laying on the bed all day long or a worker standing 10 hours a day? Of course such questions arise when it comes to other kinds of textile products. All in all, provided that the user follows the instructions given, in daily usage it can be used for a whole winter. On the other hand, those who use Dexshell products a couple of times a year when they travel, it can last for long years.

Ürünlerimiz hangi standartlara uygun?

We will try to provide technical information on a very basic level. Dexshell is being produced with highest technological standards. As can be seen below it consists of three parts. Between the external and internal parts there is a thin, elastic and skin-like layer. It has millions of small holes which can be seen only through microscope. It enables sweat to go out of the sock. Water drops are much bigger than the steam molecules, therefore they can not penetrate inside and remain outside the sock. Due to the stream of air atoms, which follows a direction from warm to cold, the circulation of steam molecules is realized. The bigger the temperature difference between external and internal environment of the sock, quicker the circulation.

Ürünlerin bakımı nasıl yapılmalıdır?

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Can Dexshell product be washed?

With hand or or in delicate mode it can be washed in 40 degrees. It can not be ironed or drying machine can not be used. Softeners do harm on elastic layer. Please keep it away from incisory or drilling devices.

Does Dexshell product cause to fungal infections?

As the product exhibits a breathable structure, it does not.

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